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Prying Open My Third Eye

If you've ever listened to Tool, you'll know of a song called "Forty-six & Two." I knew that there had to be some significance to this name, so I researched it. It seams that 46 & 2 is something that comes from the teachings of Drunvalo Melchezadek. He's this guru-type guy who holds these "Flower of Life" seminars. Basically, what 46 & 2 is is about chromosomes. But to get into that, you need to understand Drunvalo's thought process.

He says the the world has these planes of electromagnetic … planes. Each plane is essentially for each species that is and was and will be. These planes begin from 60 miles below the earth to 60 miles above the earth. As a species is no more, it's plane begins to break down and dissolve. As a species evolves, so does its plane. Its plane begins to change geometrically. He says that there were at one time 30 million of these planes, whereas there are only 14 million today. He says that whales (namely the Orca) and some species of dolphin are on what is (essentially) the highest plane above humans, as far as consciousness is concerned. Oh yeah, that's another thing.

According to Dru, there is no "God" as religions know of God. God is simply a conglomerate of "souls" that have reached a much higher level of consciousness (explained more in the 46 & 2 reference) and a higher level of unity. This "god" is referred to as the One. He says that the creation that we live in is not the first creation either. The creation has been created several times over and each time it falls apart (to allow the inhabitants to reach the highest plane of consciousness) Keep in mind Melchezedek said all this before the Wychowski brothers wrote The Matrix. In fact, the Wychowski brothers ripped this belief system off so much that they even used a phrase of Melchezedek's about the One: "The One is a summation of the [previous higher levels of consciousness]" or something to that effect.

Anyway, he says that "humans" have three levels: there's those that had a chromosomal make-up of 42+2, these humans say themselves and everything around them as one energy force. Everything they did immediately and directly affected each "outside" energy but at the same time, each of those "outside" energies immediately and directly affected them. These was the ancient humans.

The next level of "humanity" is the 44+2 chromosomes. This is where we are today. He says that we are dangerous to ourselves and existence. This level should only be a temporary "stepping-stone" to the next level (the "Christ conscious level" as he put it), but we are taking a path that the other creations have never taken before and that the One has never seen before. We're not evolving into the highest level of awareness and consciousness: the 46+2 chromosomal level. There should be a giant shift in the planes again. But this isn't happening because we have never been wholly unified. The closest that this has ever been to happening was the Gulf War. The whole world was unified, but we were unified against Saddam. This happened again after 9/11. The world united (for the most part) but we united against something. We've yet to be 100% unified so that we can make that leap.

But not only must we be unified, but we must be aware of the fact that we are directly connected to God.

What's funny is that he believes that the US government is nearing the level of awareness needed to transcend to the next plane. His reasoning for this is Roswell. He firmly holds true that the "Greys," as he calls them, had a deal with the government: to allow them to do testing on humans and animals in exchange for higher levels of technology. This is supposedly when the cow mutilations and human "abductions" started.

So basically, he says that there is no God or Allah or whatever as most humans see It today, but there is a higher presence that started creation (well, not exactly. The original creation, from which Dru got his last name, Melchezedek, split into two and…well, just research it) known as the One. He also makes it out to mean that this supposed 46+2 plane of existence is what we call "heaven." I say this because the way to reach 46+2 is by living your life knowing that you are directly connected with the One and by living in unity with all of the Universe. And once you're ready to meet that plane of existence, you will mutate both internally and externally. This sounds like "death."

He also says that when this plane shift (that was supposed to happen at the new Millennium, but he now says it's between 2010 and 2020) happens, our economic and social worlds will begin to deteriorate and there'll be, essentially, chaos. There will be death and murder. There will be no way to get food or water or money. But even if you do die, you'll still move on to the 4th dimension (the 46+2 plane?). So, what's the point?

While Melchezedek is a nut and a great con artist (he makes tons of $$ with his Flower of Life program), he does offer up an interesting set of information to contemplate and open your mind. I've come to the conclusion that settling on one self-created dogma is not necessarily a good thing. Having several "temporary" belief systems throughout your stay here opens your mind to many things, much like studying Religions of other peoples does.

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