geoffrey gauchet

Apocalypse Now

New Orleans and Metairie are under seige. People have armed themselves and are shooting at officers and military. They're shooting at helicopters trying to rescue people. Rescue attempts have been halted because of these assholes. People rescued from Orleans Parish being brought to Jefferson Parish on I-10 under the Causeway overpass. These people are just as violent. Looting is rampant in both parishes. Violence too. JP cops are quitting and leaving because they fear for their lives. These are men that see death and violence every day. Some of them have faught wars. Not even they feel safe. Reminds me of the underground city in that Sylvester Stalone movieDemolition Manwhere Dennis Leary lived.

While National Guard is on its way, why did it take so long? Why is federal help just now arriving? Why haven't we seen any New Orleans officials on the news? I've seen Jefferson Parish officials. I've seen Federal officials. Where's the police chief? Where's Nagin? Oh, and don't get me started on Nagin. Why did he wait untill yesterday to declare martial law?

Our government is doing nothing. "Zero tolerance?" Hey, good idea Bush. Maybe they should actually enforce that.

Glad to see what great people inhabbit our city.

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