geoffrey gauchet

A Brand New Type of Frobba

As you can clearly see, frobba has been completely redesigned. I built it from the ground up. I am no longer using Tumblr had the backend and I've pulled out cross-posts from social media sites. Frobba will be purely about longform blogs I write and the occasional link or photo I feel like sharing. I want to focus more on the in depth blog posts and I want them to take center stage. I want the content to be what you see; no noise.

I built the backend for Frobba myself and it's actually pretty slick. It allows for some more advance layouts and I can always expand its capabilities as needed.

I made the text larger everywhere because, for one, it's easier to read that way, and two, it enforces my idea of focusing on the content. Furthering that idea even more, some posts will have "Chameleon Mode" enabled, which allows them to change the look and feel of the entire page based on the main image or graphic for that post. One such example is my post on gas prices.

You'll also notice that /beer is no longer here. I've decided to break /beer away from Frobba and gave it its own site. You can find all my beer posts on

So, I hope you enjoy and I plan to have some good content coming soon.

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