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Home, Sweet Home

I moved back into the Cabin last night. Good to sleep in my own bed. Ac wasn't cooling off too well, but after a filter change and letting it run for a while, seems to be working fine.

Around 1:30 this morning, the power randomly went out. I called Entergy and they said they had an outage in the Metairie/Kenner area. So Kev and I jumped in my car and drove around Old Metairie to check things out.

Pitch black. Not one light was light in the whole city. It was crazy.

We went back to the house after seeing a bunch of cop cars and fearing being stopped for being out past curfew. When we got back, we sat on the porch. We're the only people home on our block, and one of about 4 houses on the street. It was dead silent. Nothing. Then we heard a helicopter. It was flying overhead and shining a spotlight down and scanning the area. Kevin grabbed his huge flashlight and shined it at them. They turned the chopper around and shined the light right on me. I jumped into the house after that.

After that, we listend to WWL to hear if anyone called in about the outage. Sure enough, people were calling in. Even Kevin called in, saying he was on Richland off of W. Esplanade and he "was in the shower and all the lights went off." It was awesome. We taped it. A while after that, Entergy calle din and said that they were aware of the outage and that it had affected "a very large area" but they were unsure what caused the blackout and where it originated.

It was back on around 8 this morning. Hopefully that's the last outage for a while. At least it was during the sleeping hours of the night.

We've got a new water heater and a mini-fridge for now. I want to keep the mini-fridge in the living room and them buy a cheapo fridge for the kitchen for food and just put drinks in the living room fridge. That'd be awesome.

I have updated pics of what Old Metairie looks like after the water went down. Expect those tonight on my Flickr account.

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