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Other Peoples' Property: Notification

That’s right! Yesterday, the City sent a notice of hearing to the owners of the stupid lot behind us. There is now a hearing scheduled for June 25th. The notice is sent to the owners via regular and certified mail, and is printed in the journal of record for the city, which is currently the Times-Picayune.

The day of the hearing, the owners have to be there by law, though they can send a representative in their place. They have to show progress has been made to correct the issues. Code Enforcement will be there with photos and documentation.

Apparently, concerned citizens can attend this hearing and can bring recent photos and share testimony of how the property has been a nuisance. Looks like I’ll be taking some time off of work on June 25th. I feel like at this point, if I don’t fight every step of the way, there leaves room for things to not get done. I’d rather not make it known I filed the complaint, but really, I just want the property cleaned up. I went past it on my run this morning and it’s even worse. The grass is taller than me now. I’ll be sure to bring the receipt from the pest control company, and I have to try and get a good photo of that possum. I saw him Monday night again.

The defendants may still have to pay court fees even if they’ve corrected all of the violations, which is awesome.

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