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Same-Sex Marriage will destroy the institute of marriage

All of this data is as of 2010. The national average in 2010 was 9.7 per 1000, three times as high as states that allow same-sex marriages or unions.

The Bible says that marriage is between one man and one woman.

The Old Testament Doesn’t Count!

Homosexuality is unnatural

Marriage is a sacred word used only to describe the joining of a man and a woman in Holy Matrimony.

I think the main point of misunderstanding with same-sex marriage is that the marriage will somehow have something to do with any religion. That is false. Laws allowing same-sex marriage allow them to occur the same way heterosexual marriages occur outside of religions, via judges, justices of the peace, notaries public, etc. No laws allowing same-sex marriage will ever force any religious group to change their rules and beliefs on who they will marry.

One must remember that when you get married in a religion by a member of the clergy, there is a religious ceremony, and toward the end, you, your spouse (in the eyes of God), two witnesses, and your officiant go off to the side and sign a marriage license that legally binds you in marriage. This is a separate act. You get married twice, essentially, if you are married by clergy. Homosexuals are just asking for the second part, the marriage license signing (and of course, a ceremony/party beforehand like anyone else would have).

My wife Rhea and I were married in a music venue by one of our best friends who got ordained via the internet specifically to marry us. Because we are heterosexuals, no one will ever question the validity of our marriage or the deepness of our love for one another. There will never be protests outside courthouses claiming that our love is unnatural and that our wedding isn’t real because it didn’t happen in a church by a priest or rabbi, or whomever.

How is our marriage any different? How is our love any different?

Love is love. As Jesus Christ is quoted in Matthew 22 upon being asked what the greatest commandment was, “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.” We should be treating each other all as we’d want to be treated.

There is no one religion in the United States, and as such, no laws should be written around the basis of any one religion. In Catholicism and other Christian religions, we are in the season of Lent, when one abstains from eating red meat on Fridays. As a Catholic, it is your teaching and belief that you should not eat red meat on Fridays during let and you are free to abstain from red meat on Fridays in Lent. However, there is no law making it illegal for Christians and even non-Christians to eat red meat on Fridays, nor is there any law banning the sale of red meat on Fridays anywhere in the United States. This is because the belief that meat shall not be eaten on Fridays in Lent is merely a belief for one portion of one religion. 

As such, if, as a Christian or other denomination, you believe that same-sex marriage is terrible and an abomination, then you should marry someone of the opposite sex and your religious group is free to not perform same-sex marriages. Meanwhile, there should also be no law saying that people who’d like to perform same-sex marriages or have a marriage with a person of the same sex can’t.

There is a fair amount of inconsistencies here and that just does not make any sense to me. For instance, the majority of those vocal about banning same-sex marriages are Republican Party members, who also tout small government and keeping the Federal government out of the personal lives of its citizens. If that is your belief, then you cannot by any sense at all, also believe that the Federal government should dictate who can and cannot get married.

We have politicians like David Vitter, a champion for “Family Values” and the idea that marriage is between one man and one woman, who also was having sex with a prostitute in D.C. and often wore a diaper for role-playing. As a Senator, Mr. Vitter’s salary is paid for with tax-payer money, which means as a tax payer, your paid for David Vitter to not only cheat on his wife, but also break the law, and contradict his stance on family values.

Now, I do commend Vitter for coming out about this (after the fact) and how he and his wife chose to handle the situation is between them and none of our business, but I fail to see how “family values” means you can cheat on your wife and have illegal sex, but not get married to the person you love and have been with for a long time, regardless of your sex?

I fail to see how Britney Spears’ 55-hour marriage “just for fun” is legal and okay, but two men who have been together for 13 years and have five children together and look happier than most people, getting married is illegal and wrong?

And, taking emotions and religion out of this, how can the Supreme Court, in good conscience, allow a law to be on the books that denies rights and abilities to certain group of American citizens on the basis of their self-identification and innate feelings?

There was a time, in the not-so-distant past where people like you and I were having this same discussion, only about people of different races getting married. While interracial marriages are still sometimes looked down upon by some people (that’s another topic for another day), it is 100% legal for a black person and a white person to get married, adopt children, and visit each other in the hospital. We overcame this then, so why can’t we do it now?

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