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One Year After

On a more serious note, I've made a documentary about how far along (or how little far along) New Orleans has gotten in the last year. I filmed it over Labor Day weekend with the help of my cousin and her husband driving and navigating me through the city.

The camera's a bit shakey, but I was in a car. Anyhow, it's an hour long, so grab a snack.

What I aimed to do was show people not in New Orleans that we're no where near finished yet. The media may have forgetten about us, but we still need time and help. This also shows how some neighborhoods are recovering more slowly than others because of money and other issues.

If nothing else, you can enjoy my great selection of background music.

I do have to warn: it's a bit lengthy, I ramble at times, and the "f" word is uttered once (and visualized on spray paint on a house at the same time) and "shit" is uttered two or three times. Other than that though, you're safe. No dead bodies.

Seriously though, if you think New Orleans is making progress, you need to watch this.

Click to watch on Google Video One Year After

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